Pet Salon

I want to live comfortably with my pet in Malaysia too.

In Malaysia, 60% of the population adheres to the Islamic faith.
For Muslims, dogs are considered impure and are avoided, therefore when you own dogs in Malaysia, considered impure and are avoided.
People are often refused to take their dogs in taxis, have trouble because there are limited places to walk their dogs,
and find it difficult to find reliable pet salons and veterinary clinics due to cultural differences.

Our staff, who are familiar with the local situation, will provide support throughout your stay to ensure that both pet owners and their beloved pets can safely and comfortably enjoy their time in Malaysia.

Paws Malaysia Services

Pet salon arrangement

Pet salon arrangement

Pet hotel arrangement

Pet hotel arrangement

Pet transportation

Pet transportation


Pet Salon

Simple grooming (dog/cat)

Shampoo + Nail trimming + Ears cleaning + Paw shaving and sanitary clipping  + Anal glands (dogs only)


Full grooming (dog/cat)

Simple grooming + full body hair trimming

from RM100
Pet Hotel

Hotel (dog/cat)

Transportation service

RM50++ *one way

If you use pet transportation, we will pick up your pet from your home and deliver it to your home once the work is completed.

*Please feel free to contact us for an estimate, which will depend on the type of dog or cat, hair length, cutting method, etc.

*In addition to set menus, we also offer individual menu options.

*If you are using a pet hotel, please bring enough food and sweets for the number of days. (Please divide it into small portions by number of days, or in the case of a long term, please give us a memo of the daily amount.)

Service Flow


Please let us know your request via LINE or WhatsApp.
At that time, please send us a photo of your pet and tell us its weight.
When you are using grooming, we can give you a more accurate price if you also provide a photo of the desired finish.

Service Usage

Please use the service you request.


You can use credit card, cash (Malaysian RM/Japanese Yen), and QR payment.

Please feel free to contact us

Estimates and consultations are free.

(Calls from Japan only)


  • *If we are unable to answer the phone, please let us know your number and we will call you back.
  • *For inquiries from overseas, please use LINE or WhatsApp.